How to get a top rank in Google


How to get a top rank in Google

Как поднять рейтинг вашего вебсайта

We found the secrets to getting a top ranking in Google.
Google Optimizing, or if you'd like to call it getting a better ranking in Google, is one, if not the most important thing to do for your website. Not only are there more searches performed using Google, but most importantly Google searches generate more sales per search. Of the total online purchase last year, Google accounted for 44.5% of all online sales; not from their pay per click program, but from people using Google to find products. Now this may not seem impressive at first but its nearest competitor Yahoo! only did 17% of the sales. Now that's impressive right?

There was a time when by just doing your homework any professional website developer could get you a good to great ranking in Google.

But those days are gone.

Suddenly Google became a monster that seemed to devour a website's ranking. Websites that where in the top 10 found themselves down in 798 spot or worse not listed at all.

The infamous "Sandbox" came into being where new website's where lost in the ranking vortex. Search Engine Optimizers everywhere where and still are running around trying to find out what changed and what will work today.

We finally found one major previously little known factor that Google uses for their ranking chart. All it took was 6 people working 40 hours per week for 4 months working on nothing else but finding one of the major keys to unlock the doors to getting a website better rankings in Google.

Yes, they found one of the many hidden ones but what was the most amazing part was, that after we found it, we could understand why Google makes it so important in their ranking structure.

First you need to understand the people that work for Google are some of the most intelligent people around and they are not trying to harm your rankings but make their search results better. But unfortunately the average small business man doesn't have the background, resources or money to accomplish what Google is looking for in their ranking system and that's where we come in. We know the guidelines for Google, we know the time frames for Google and we know how to put everything together for those that qualify for our help.

Now, we've been using terms that everyone can relate too. And yes, we know their called algorithms not ranking structure but we're trying to make this easy to understand.

Take the time to read the entire website so you fully understand the benefits of using our program can have to you and your website.

Ok! Where were we? Now, of course you've heard this before "Secrets Revealed" well it's not really a secret to everybody just 99.9% of the people out there. It's just something extremely difficult to do on your own or even with a group of people. But the results are amazing to say the least.

There are several keys to getting a top Google ranking and we are not saying that content is not still king in Google. But this factor is considered important enough to get even a website with poor content a very decent ranking. It’s considered by most, the single most important factor but we still rate it as the second most important.

Put your thinking caps on and turn the settings to high.

We're going to give you some examples to show you this works, but before we do, we must tell you that the first one was politically motivated and are not all of our opinions. The second one is more relevant to what can be done for your website.

Open up a second browser to and in the search box type in first "miserable failure" then click the I'm feeling lucky button this takes you directly to the #1 ranked page. Oh! And no it's not our political views. It just shows how the system can work.

Now for the most relevant to you as a website owner "computer" but this time don't hit the I'm feeling lucky key just the Google Search key because what we're going to look at is the #1 result Apple and #2 Dell. Now these could change rankings on any given day but this was check April 26, 2005. You should notice that computer only shows up once in the #1 listing and that's because it's part of their name and nowhere in the #2 listing. If you go to each home page you'll see that the keyword "computer" is not used in any of the text nor when you when you do a view source to see their tags except for Dell who used it once in both the keyword and description tag. And you should also see that they received this ranking out of 438,000,000 pages that used "computer" as part of their keywords. You should be saying, "How's this possible? I've been told keywords or keyword phrases have to be place everywhere." One reason is the new priorities in searches and the other is each of these companies have the resources to accomplish this.

"OK!" your saying, "How is it done?" It's called anchor text one way linking but unfortunately for it to work you'll need a large group of people all doing the exact same thing. That's why the big boys have the best rankings but now you can too.

So what we are doing is a link exchange CO-OP.

This is not a link farm or normal link exchange program. As these are one-way links not reciprocating links. Reciprocating links no longer work with Google instead of helping as it did just a few months ago, it may now hurt a website to have them. Here is exactly what Google has to say about links at...

"Fact: Linking schemes do not increase a given site's PageRank, and will often do a site more harm than good. Many sites that advertise link-sharing programs not only offer little value, but will distribute your email address without your permission, resulting in an increased volume of unwanted mail to you."

Google now looks at an inbound link that does not have outbound link to the same site where the inbound link came from as important. That's why we are starting an inbound anchor text link program. The simplest way to explain how this works is using ABC.

A is the first website it shows a link to B. B in turn shows a link to C. Then C shows one to A. Each gets an inbound link and shows no reciprocating link. They just added to the importance of their website and ranking.

Are we the only ones doing anchor text linking? No. There are a few others out there that are doing anchor text linking but they have two major problems. One, they charge from $179 to $599 per month. Two, they did not do their homework and do all the links at once which gets you banned from Google under their spam rules.

What makes us different is we don't want any money upfront, we just want to show how just one of the several keys can help your website. Then you’ll understand that we know what we're doing for your website before you invest any money. So we're offering you a free 90-day trial. If you decide to stay with the program it will only cost you $39 per month not $599 per month as some others charge. Now there is a catch and that catch is your website has to qualify for the program and if you do qualify you'll be required to do a little work. To see if you qualify click here and go to our do you qualify page.

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